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​Teona McGhaw-Boure will represent the 75th district with integrity, empathy and dedication. She has worked hard her whole life developing her skills, and will represent us with honor in Jefferson City. Born without a right leg, Teona has a lifelong interest in access to quality healthcare. Without good healthcare and doctors, Teona would never have walked, and her goal is to ensure that everyone has access to the same quality of medicine from which she benefited. Graduating from Berkeley High School after overcoming long odds in school, she became a legal advocate for the her peers. With the mentoring and support of her coworkers, she pursued paralegal studies at the University of Missouri, St. Louis, and has continued to work in the legal field ever since.

Teona has made a fifteen year career out of working as a paralegal to aid defense lawyers in improving our legal system. She is a devoted mother to three wonderful sons, Trevion, Alphonse and Tyrion, with whom she loves to spend her time. Her belief is simple: work with what you have, always put your best foot forward, make friends, and be genuine! With your support, she will be our next state representative, and serve us well in Jefferson City.

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